“Love is not bl…

“Love is not blind, infatuation is.”

Ever been in a relationship and you lost all your friends?  Your family is frustrated and unsupportive?  Do you find yourself longing for your significant other to be the person they “claimed” to be, yet there is no evidence?   Do they promise they will change and that they really truly DO love you, but those promises last for a moment, or a week?  Or maybe long enough to have “make-up” sex?  That always “helps” you feel better…until reality sets back in and nothing has changed…Ever wonder why you “just can’t be happy?”  When someone is going to care, about how much you care? 

All of those point to infatuation.  The thing about infatuation is that the emotions that come from it are SO STRONG! We THINK it’s selfless love on our part, but in all reality it’s self-less love.  Love sees truth.  Love CHOOSES to love anyway.  Love is actually true selflessness.  If you have to change them, then you don’t have them.  They have you.

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