Can Men and Women be Just Friends?

Can men and women JUST be friends? Take a look and decide for yourself. There is definitely a difference of opinion from the guy to the girl… In the young adult years the guy/girl relationship tends to shift drastically. Of course, there has to be some friendships between them but I will say this, if you are a heterosexual and are considering marrying someone who has many friends of the opposite sex, I would weigh that very carefully. The majority of men I have spoken to over the last 10+ years have told me that if they don’t have any interest at all, they would rather hang with their guy friends. I know the last thing I would want is a woman who claims to be my husband’s friend there to pick him up after we had rough day… Quite honestly, one of the things I loved about my husband when I met him was that he didn’t hang with a lot of girls and his priority was me from the start. His guy friends didn’t care for that…but it’s what needs to happen on both ends. Once we became official, if there was a previous relationship with the opposite sex that was important to one of us, an example would be someone we grew up with, they became our friend, but they were never brought into the issues of the relationship. Share this video with your guy/girl friends and have a conversation about it. You may be surprised what you will learn.

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