Are You a Warrior?

You will be hurt in this life time. Your trust will be broken. You have a choice.

I lived through a relationship that definitely gave me the “Warrior” status. I walked away from that relationship feeling so lost and broken. After time, I started developing an ulcer. I went to the doctor and he told me that he could give me meds that would help my stomach feel better or I could choose to trust again. (He knew my story) He then followed by saying, “You can choose to not trust, keep getting sick, ruining your body from the stress and live miserable every day. OR You can choose to live in freedom from what that person has done to you and be happy, healthy, knowing you will probably be hurt one day again but in the meantime you choose to live in joy.

I decided that moment to not let that relationship determine the rest of my life. There was a purpose to it and I am better because of it. I learned a lot.

As a result…no more ulcer.

Bad relationships are never in vain, unless you allow it to ruin you. Choose to let go, your skin may be thicker, you may feel like a Warrior, but you can love again. It is a choice. Choose.

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