Where is this taking you?

What will you do for love? How far will you go? How much are you willing to sacrifice for this “so called” thing, “love”?


Ever stop and just listen to the opinions and voices of those who think they have a say in your life?

What is their motive?

Does a marital commitment fix the “bugs” of your relationship?

Does it validate your love?

Do you find yourself more worried about what they are doing then what you are doing?

Dr. Phil says, “You teach people how to treat you.” How are you “teaching” people to treat you? By what you say, or don’t say? Or by what you do or don’t do?

The reality of it is if you actually take the time to answer those questions, then you are actually scratching the surface of getting real with yourself. And when you stop making excuses and get real…you realize you have decisions, choices, and things that need to be handled. Many don’t want to deal with it because of some selfish desire we are not quite ready to let go of. Meaning, we sacrifice ourselves for this thing called “love.” What is love anyway? I will tell you. Love is a choice. It is one of the most self-less decisions you will make. It’s when everything is not about you. Does love hurt? Yep. But somehow when we do the right thing it brings joy. We may not be “happy” but we have an inner joy. Love someone enough to stop telling them what they need to do and start looking at yourself and what you need to do.

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