The Bachelor is Coming 7pm, Sept 30th @ SCSU Ritsche Auditorium!!!!


I cannot believe that we are only 22 days away from The Bachelor coming!! I am so excited!! The thing I love most about this Bachelor is that he is a man who speaks quite frankly about the trials and struggles he has had or faced in his life. It’s hard to find authentic people that will be vulnerable in a personal relationship, let alone for the whole world to see.

Reality is, we walk this earth with our own perspective. This perspective is simply that…perspective. It is shaped by our experiences, wiring and view of this world. We make decisions based on it whether or not they are accurate. I always say, “a little communication goes a long way.” I often wonder how many conversations Sean, The Bachelor, and his new bride, Catherine, have had based on her perspective of him and all these girls? Not many of the Bachelors or Bachelorette’s have made it to marriage!! I cannot wait to hear how this has transpired for them!! Imagine watching your fiancee go through the process of how he got to choosing her…one thing I know is true…Sean’s choice for sexual integrity had to have been a huge relief for Catherine.

Either at SCSU Atwood information desk. $10 for community members. Just $5 with any student ID. Or you can order online

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