You Deserve a Happy Ending-Day 3 Seven Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Okay so we are on day 3 of this journey of You Deserve A Happy Ending.  Some of you have been in a relationship for a very long time and have probably experienced the ups and downs of learning how to love this other person as well as grow the emotional intimacy.  Let’s talk about seven signs of a healthy relationship and if you find that you and your significant other struggle in certain areas, press in and keep working on it.  If you and your partner are going strong, keep going!!

  1. Trust-this is key.  Only time will tell you how trustworthy an individual is.  Each person should be able to live their life and not be under constant interrogation.   There should be no secrets.  The two of you should be able to be around one another without being ashamed.  In many ways when someone hurts us, it diminishes our trust in them in addition, our trust in others or future relationships.  This not only takes time to build it takes time to rebuild.  It’s a process.
  2. Great Communication-you should be able to talk about anything and everything.  The more you talk the deeper the relationship goes.  Value the other person, share your dreams, goals, and passions. Inspire the other person.  Build one another up. Be careful of “the downward spiral.”  Do not get stuck in blaming.  Always speak from “I” statements and never use the word “but.”  Once you use it you undid all that was said.  So instead of, “I’m sorry for calling you names but…”  Just leave it at “I am sorry for calling you names.” Take responsibility for yourself. Let the other person figure it out for themselves.
  3. Respect-appreciate the little things, don’t rush milestones, don’t bash the other person, respect differences, no name calling, apologize.  Care for one another, protect each other.
  4. Empathy-support through hard times.  Feel what they feel, understand for one another.  People feel valued when their loved ones understand for them.
  5. Forgiveness-grows beyond hurts, makes you all in and let go of past.  If your trust is hurt then this is a hard one.  But if you really want to move beyond things you need to forgive.  Forgiveness is to release you, not them.  It’s for you to not let it control your life not telling the other person what they did is okay.  It just means you are moving on from it and you gained wisdom and will rebuild trust.
  6. Balance-have space, friends, hobbies,  This one can be hard.  Don’t dump your friends and hang out with your significant other all the time.  You will loose yourself doing that.  Keep a healthy balance in your hobbies, friends, and relationship. If you cannot trust your significant other and what they are doing then you probably need to rethink this relationship.
  7. Laughter-there has to be time to laugh.  Similar sense of humor is a must or you will just keep misunderstanding one another.  If your worlds are heavy, rent a comedy movie and watch it, it will lift your mood!!!  If you are super sarcastic and that makes you laugh, probably shouldn’t be with a sensitive person.  They will end up hurt and bitter in the long run.

There you have it.  These are simple but important.  Hope it helps you on your journey!!

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