Rebound Relationships

Believe it or not, “Rebound Relationships” serve a purpose.  I mean, how else do you know that you have moved on?  Think about it the hardest part about breaking up is feeling lonely.  Like nobody wants you.  You are a failure.  You deserve more.  You are ready to move on to something “better.”

In all of my experience, “Rebound Relationships” get a person through the heartache stage.  Typically one of two things happen.

  1. The Rebounder is getting revenge on all other species that will let them unleash their frustrations.
  2. The Rebounder is getting their “fill” of all the things their recent relationship lacked.

Maybe both?

End result-the unsuspecting “Reboundee” gets hurt. Typically these relationships are about 2 months long before the person just gets tired and decides it isn’t worth being with anyone and the safest place to be is alone.  At this point is when the most growth happens.  It’s when one comes into the understanding who they are, what they want, where they are going, and how to get there.  At this point, this person is going to make it.  Some, figure it out fast.  Some, take a long long long time. Some figure it out while they are rebounding and decide they found the one that they will spend the rest of their life with. (Every Rebounder is thinking, “That’s me!”) Regardless, no relationship is a waste.  All have great purpose in teaching us about ourselves and what is important.  In the hard times, the hardest lessons are learned.  Life’s best is waiting on the other side.  You see, if you go through relationships and do not gain any wisdom, you may be a chronic “Rebounder.” These people go from one relationship to the next.  Their friends get annoyed because they have a lot of drama.  Someone who goes from one relationship to the next is usually giving more of themselves away then the “average” person.  They also have completely lost their identity, value, and purpose.  Therefore, they are seeking it in others.  If they are getting physically intimate on a regular basis with all these individuals then I would suggest they have thrown themselves to the wolves and need a hero to save them from themselves.  Hopefully they do not turn to more things to “cope.”

Relationships, new, old, or rebounding have their place and purpose.  If you want to have great success learn how to be content alone and take care of yourself first.  When you know who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there…look across and see if someone is running along side you.  Maybe this is the person for you.

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