What does it take to make this work?

He is outgoing and I am quiet. She loves to take risks and I like to live on the safe side. How different can you be and still make a relationship work? What are some requirements of similarities that are needed in order to make a relationship? Can two totally different personalities work together in a relationship? The truth is when it comes to a relationship any personality styles can go together. However, each relationship will have its struggles and its benefits.

The place to start is to first define personality. Many times we define character and personality as the same thing, but they are different in many ways. Personality is defined as a set of personal and emotional traits. To make it simple personality comes out in how we handle work and relationships and goals and dreams. Any personality can be mixed with any other personality.

Personalities can be described by using animals like a lion, otter, beaver and golden retriever, or with letters like DISC. There are a variety of different tests you can take online to learn about yourself. No matter what type of test you use, it is important in a relationship to know your own and your significant other’s personality style. One may want immediate results and the other may tend to procrastinate. Certain personality styles have very few close and deep relationships, where others have a lot of friendships that may not go as deep. None of the styles are bad, but they are different.

One way to have a healthy relationship when it comes to personality is find out you and your partner’s personality, and talk about the differences. It will help you understand why you act the way you act and how you work under pressure and the different needs that each person has. It will help to relieve some of those arguments that may happen when one person is a planner and the other likes to be spontaneous. Some of the character traits when combined can be harder than others, but it helps to know how each other is wired. So go find a fun test online and find out your personality style.

However, character is a bit different. Character is defined as our morals, values and beliefs. It is the foundation of who we are. When it comes to character, your character is going to attract the same type of character. Your values will attract similar values. Your beliefs are going to attract similar beliefs.

So why can’t people with different morals make a relationship work? Ultimately one of you will end up adapting your morals to fit the other person. Morals and values should be things in your life that you stick to no matter who you are in a relationship with. Before you get into a relationship define the morals and values that you have in your life. Sit down and define the characteristics that you want in another person and look at yourself and see if those are characteristics that you represent. If you have a character that represents long, committed and honest relationships, you will attract people who desire the exact same thing. Sometimes we look for certain values in another person, yet we don’t carry those same characteristics. The secret is you can’t just find the “right person”, you have to become the right type of person. So look at your list of what you desire in another person and then do a self-analysis to make sure you carry that same character.

So what do you need in a relationship to make it work? Each of you need an understanding of what type of personality style you possess and find someone who has the same morals, values and beliefs. In the long run if you don’t have the same character as your partner one person will adapt to the other or give up on some of their beliefs. A person who gives up on these character traits can cause resentment and hurt. However, if you understand your own personality and your values and beliefs it will be easier for you to find someone who you will be compatible with! Grab a bowl of popcorn and find a personality test online and start learning about yourself tonight!

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