December – Let the Craziness Begin

December 1st!  Let the month of holiday craziness begin which also brings along lots of time with family and friends.  For many of you the month of December is a time to reflect on the past year and you cherish every moment that you spend with your loved ones decorating, purchasing gifts and getting ready for the holiday.  While others December may be a hard time for you.  Maybe you have lost a loved one or you may not have a significant other to spend the holidays with.  Here are some relationship tips to help you survive the holiday.

Set Boundaries and Respect Boundaries – Setting healthy boundaries will develop healthy relationships.  Let your “yes be yes” and “no be no”.  If you set healthy boundaries you will actually enjoy time spent with your family.  Setting personal boundaries in a healthy manner will go a long way towards a healthy and enjoyable gathering.

-Concsiously Communicate – Continually discuss what your plans are and what things need to be done.  Don’t just expect others to know what you are thinking, needing or wanting.  Communication is the key to having a successful relationship with others.

-Leave Shame and Negative Self-Talk at the Door – You are not perfect, and your loved ones are not either. When someone acts less than ideal, avoid giving into thoughts that say, “This holiday is ruined!” or “Things will never get better”. Will these words add to the situation and make it worse? Yes, it is better to always come at every situation with a positive attitude and outlook.  Don’t be part of the problem but be the one who will bring the positive attitude to the situation.

-Make Time for Yourself – In all the busyness we tend to forget to take care of ourselves.  In order for you to be in a healthy state you must take care of yourself.  Take the time to do the things you enjoy!

Enjoy the Season!



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