Five Holiday Traditions to Start Together this Year

Traditions have been around in families for many years.  Do you have any traditions in your family?  Maybe your thinking about starting new traditions.  Here are 5 holiday tradition ideas for you to start this Christmas season together.

1.  Give Back Together – Set up a volunteer activity that you can do together.  Volunteer at a local food pantry or put together food and notes of encouragement for families with babies in the NICU at your local hospital.  Put together care packages to hand out to the homeless in your town.

2.  Ornament Gifts – Buy each other one special ornament each year so you can start a collection for your tree.

3.  Quality Time Together – Snuggle up by a fire while drinking hot cocoa and watching your favorite Christmas movie.

4.  “Experience Gifts” – Exchange “experience gifts” instead of material gifts.  Does your loved one have a favorite sport?  Does she love live music? – get tickets to a special event that he/she will love.

5.  12 Dates of Christmas – Have a pre-planned date for every month of the year on the calendar.  There will be no excuses for not spending time together.

I hope you find yourself happy and healthy this Christmas season!


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