Words of Affirmation Every Relationship Needs

Every relationship constantly needs words of encouragement and love for it to be healthy.  In your relationship are you using words to lift each other up?  Here are few ways to bring words of affirmation into your relationships:

~I love you

~You inspire me when….

~You are so kind

~You are beautiful

~You are handsome

~Your an amazing mom

~I’m lucky to call you mine

~I love how you parent our kids

~I’m so proud of you

~Your an amazing provider

~Thanks for being there when I just needed someone to listen

~Your the best cook

~I definitely married up

~I love your laugh and your smile

~You complete me

Words can either bring you up or tear you down.  Be cautious before you use your words.  Always ask yourself…will these words encourage or discourage someone?  Always be humble and kind!



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