Investing in your Relationship

Dating is a big part of not only getting to know that other person, but it’s also a time for you to share life experiences through that relationship.

In the beginning, the first date is a time to break the ice and start making a connection with that other person.  Those first few dates are important no matter what movie you saw, the food you ate or the place you went.  It’s important that the time spent together was enjoyable and it was spent just getting to know each other.  As the relationship continues make regular connections to keep that bond going strong.  Go on regular dates because that will be a great way to jump start that habit.  A lack of romance is often the reason many couples break up or even divorce.  It can be hard to come up with new date ideas the longer you are together.  Here are some simple date ideas to invest in your relationship.

First Date Ideas – Keep it Simple

Meet at a coffee shop.  Most coffee shops are setup to initiate intimate conversation. You can have it be as short of a date as you want or as long as you want.  You can end the date at any time and it won’t seem awkward.

Dinner Out.  This is probably the most common first date idea.  It’s always fun to base conversation around food.  It helps set the tone for good conversation.  It gives you the opportunity to have a good dinning experience along with getting to know each other.

After the date is over you may be thinking do I want to go out with this person again?  The simplest way to decide is by asking yourself, “Do I want to talk to this person again?”  If the answer is yes, continue on with the next date.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself with creating the perfect date.  Just be you.

Fun Date Ideas

It’s important in a relationship to do something fun together.  Sometimes after we have dated someone for a long time we tend to get lazy and too comfortable with that person and so we don’t want to bother gong out or doing anything together.  What do you like to do together that makes you laugh?  Makes you smile?

Be adventurous.  Go hiking, skiing or spend a day on the boat together.

Go out dancing.  Spend the evening together dancing in the backyard to your favorite love songs or take dance lessons together.

Plan a picnic in the park. Spend the afternoon together take a walk and enjoy lunch at the park.

Cheap Date Ideas

Every date doesn’t always have to be based around spending a lot of money.  It’s not about the amount of money you spend, but it’s more about the time spent together.  Here are some suggestions for free and cheap dates:

Stay home.  A night home with dinner and movie is a perfect quiet evening after what may have been a long week.

Visit a park or museum.  Certain times a year a zoo or museum may offer free days   Take advantage of these opportunities.  The park is always free.

A Day at the Beach.  A perfect romantic day could be spent at the beach.  Pack a lunch and take a walk along the beach at sunset.

Romantic Date Ideas

At some point in your relationship you may need to rekindle the romance.  Romance is kept alive by always showing affection to each other.  Remember to always compliment each other and remember what the other person likes to do.  At times give that other person your undivided attention.  Ideas for a romantic date are:

Dinner out at a nice restaurant.  Find a small quaint romantic restaurant or make a romantic dinner at home.

Couples massage.  Spend the afternoon having lunch at your favorite restaurant then surprise your spouse with a couples massage.

Plan a mini vacation away.  Spend the weekend away with your spouse at your favorite vacation spot.

Go to a comedy Club or Show.  Laughter is good medicine.

Dating, whether its your 1st or your 100th date is the best and easiest way to keep your relationship healthy and long-lasting.  Always date each other.  If you are consistent with dating even after you have been married for 30 years you are reminding each other that they are important and that the other person matters.  No matter what even when life gets busy and crazy always make time to date and keep investing your time in that relationship.

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