Why Marriage?



Why are couples choosing marriage?

~They are in love

~They trust this is the right person

~They want a family

~They want a life-long commitment

~They want security

~They want to be together forever

~They want a wedding

~They want “The Dress”

~They don’t want to be lonely

~They feel pressured

~They want financial security

Many couples choose marriage for the right reasons, but they also choose marriage for the wrong reasons.  Even though the social norm is constantly changing, a majority of people still want marriage.  Marriage promotes the common good by building families and raising children.  Marriage benefits society.  Children, Women and Men all benefit from marriage.  Both for its intrinsic good and for its benefits for society, we need marriage.  Everyone wants to have a good marriage.  Marriage is a deep commitment.

What is marriage?

~Its the beginning of a new family.  It’s a life-long commitment.  You will be given opportunities of growth in selflessness.  You will now be given the opportunity to serve others in your new family.

~It is Love. A commitment of unconditional love.  You choose to love everyday.  There will be days that you feel frustrated or maybe discouraged, but everyday you choose to love that person regardless.

~It is oneness.  Marriage is when two become one.  Marriage is a bond between two people.  You grow together in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.  You will journey through life together.  Your spouse will be someone that will walk by your side through life’s challenges.  They are true to you in the good and in the bad.

Are you getting married for the right reasons?  Here are some right reasons for marriage: 

~You are in love with one another and you have a desire to share your life together.

~You share the same goals and values and you can dream together.  This would also include your willingness to be there for each other when achieving your own values and goals.

~You have spent enough time together and know it is the right choice.  You don’t have the blinders on and are fully aware of each others successes and struggles.


Before you say “yes”, consider these wrong reasons why many people marry the wrong person.  

~Money – you may think I will be financial secure if I marry.

~Peer Pressure – all your friends are getting married and you’ve been with that person a long time so you feel like you should just get married.

~To be happy – If your not happy before you get married then you won’t be happy after you get married.

~To save, rescue or help someone.  You can’t change someone.  A lot of people think that if they just marry that person they will change or you may feel like you will help them.  Healthy people make healthy relationships.

A thriving marriage is made of two thriving individuals building a relationship together.



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