Relationship Coaching

We provide a safe and confidential place to talk over a cup of coffee. It’s not counseling, it’s relationship coaching. Think about it, everything we do as human-beings revolves around relationships. Having someone to talk to and give you support in achieving your relationship goals is important. We do this by helping you develop skills such as: setting boundaries, communication, conflict resolution, being assertive, listening on multiple levels, and learning about how you are “wired” in order to meet your relational needs.

When you are empowered with these skills, it helps you gain the confidence to make healthy, conscious relationship decisions. Our relationship coaching can be done as a couple or individual sessions, and can discuss current or past relationships. Emerge utilizes The Real Essentials curriculum that is designed to help young people navigate the mine field of relationships, romantic attachments, choices, challenges, obstacles and temptations they will face in life.

Discussion topics:

Five Love Languages:  There are 5 categories of giving and receiving love.  The value of knowing how you feel loved is that you can express that to people, enabling them to express love in a more meaningful way to you.  What is your love language?

Intimacy:  There are 6 different types of Intimacy.  Each type of Intimacy affects whole person health.  There are multiple ways to grow intimacy in each of these categories.  Intimacy is not just physical.

Love Vs. Infatuation:  Understand what love is and differentiate its meaning from infatuation.  You are in a love relationship when it is healthy, connected and committed.

Personality Styles: What is your personality style and how can you understand and appreciate the differences in others?  Lets identify what may be your primary and secondary personalities.

Self-Matters:  You are enough!  Being enough is the beginning of confidence and contentment.  You have worth and value!

It’s informal, free, and a neutral party’s perspective.  To schedule a meeting time contact Traci at EMERGE at 320.252.4150 or email at

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