Life is a tough thing to navigate, you have your own obstacles you encounter and try to overcome; when you fall in love with someone not only do you still have your own obstacles to overcome but you bring someone else’s obstacle into your life. Dating and marriage is something you enjoy and cherish but you don’t think about the choices you have to make, finances, communication, dreams/goals, faith. For us we thought we had everything figured out and it would all get easier when we got married, but the closer we got we found out the harder it was. Emerge gave us someone that we could go to and hear us out and offer advise on things we could do to strengthen our relationship; they were a mentor to us and to our relationship and marriage. You will encounter rough patches in marriage and you will fight, and sometimes you don’t know what to say or how to heal. Emerge helped us to find healing and forgiveness for ways we had hurt each other but also from hurts in our past that were effecting our relationship. Looking towards the future, we are so grateful for the wisdom and guidance that we have received from Emerge. Our marriage has a better foundation thanks to them, we are so thankful. We are happily married for 2+ years and we are so thankful for the investment that Emerge has made into our lives and our marriage.

Jake and Ashley Hemmesch, Married June 11th, 2012

Jake and Ashley