Last summer my relationship with my boyfriend and father of my son was at an all time low. Jonathan, my boyfriend, was working out of state the majority of the summer while I was working full time and taking care of our baby. We had a lot of resentment towards each other and our communication was nothing more than bickering and blaming the other person. It got so bad I decided to go look at apartments and get ready to move out.  For the sake of my son, and for my conscious I suppose, I decided to looking into couples therapy and give our relationship one last chance. My brother had recommended Emerge to me and I agreed to meet with them. From the beginning I knew I had made a great decision. Emerge was able to put things into a perspective I have never seen before. As hard as it was, I was able to see my own faults and view our relationship from a different angle. Jonathan agreed to meet with Emerge and I as well. They were able to help us realize that the problems we were having were issues a lot of couples had. We were taught tools on how to better communicate with each other and the importance of blessing each other as well. We learned that separating wouldn’t really “fix” anything as it would come with a whole new bunch of
problems we would have to figure out ,especially when it comes to parenting.  Emerge saved my family. Jonathan and I grew and learned a lot. Our family is happier than we ever have been and on August 7th Jonathan proposed to me while on our family vacation in Duluth. I said yes!

Lindsey and Jon